Feb 242011

For Egypt

“Time to go home”

Do not fear
My beloved
We are going home
After all the bloodshed and tears
But they won’t leave us alone
Oh, my dear
I have come to take you away
from the foster home
You were afraid and alone
In the marrow of so many nights
I could hear the beating of your heart
Will you come along and
wash your face in the dawn?

Say something, fill my heart
Do not cry, do not cry

Who made your bosom
the tomb of your sons?
Who took the dream
out of your gentle eyes?
Long I haven’t heard
Your muse and her songs

We at the midway
who tucked you in bed of grief
are everywhere, in front and behind
No. they won’t leave us alone.
We will make our home so high
Beyond their reach
Believe in me
hold tight
I am your mother
I will take you home
On my wings way above.

Marzieh Shahbazaz
Febuary 2, 2011

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